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lead boots

A well-gnawed lead boot.

All roofing systems have PVC (etc.) piping that needs to be protected from the weather. Roofing boots/stack covers are used to cover the pipes that vent bathroom and kitchen plumbing. Many roofing contractors believe that lead boots are the answer to covering plumbing vent pipes because they are long lasting.

Why Squirrels Appreciate Lead Boots

The largest threat to lead pipes is not their weather resistance abilities nor their natural longevity.  Rather, lead boots often fail because pesky little squirrels like to eat the lead.

Squirrels like to gnaw on the soft metal to wear down their continually growing teeth.

The damage caused to the lead boot will allow water in to penetrate the roof.

Pesky little squirrel!

Solution: Black Vinyl Boots

At Pro Roofing & Siding we have navigated this issue by using black vinyl (neoprene) boots.

The boot slides over the pipe with three hole sizes to seal the typical pipe widths perfectly.

Counteracting Natural Weaknesses with Reinforcement

The problem with the neoprene is that it can crack and rot from the suns UV rays in 8-10 years. Because we give our clients a 10 year workmanship warranty, we ‘double boot’ our vent pipes.

neoprene boot

Neoprene boot

We install the first neoprene boot by nailing and shingling over the back (top) of the boot. We then add the second boot on top of the first. The top boot will take the brunt of the weather issues and, even if cracked, the bottom boot will still protect the roof penetration from leakage.


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