Storms are a way of life here in Georgia, especially during the spring and summer. Hail is an unwelcome part of any storm. Hail can damage your roof in a short amount of time. What kind of damage can it cause? What should you do in the wake of a hail storm?

Three Big Ways Hail Can Destroy Your Home’s Roof

Hail is literally chunks of ice that rain down on your home. These chunks range from a quarter inch up to a few inches in diameter. The larger the hail, the more damage it can do.

Here are three ways hail can cause significant damage to your home’s roof:

  1. Expose the shingle underlayment. When hail hits, it can dent the granules on top of the shingle, exposing the underlayment. This shortens the life of the shingle significantly.
  2. Crack the shingle itself. If the hail is large enough, it can actually crack the underlayment and even cause it to split in two. Cracked shingles must be replaced.
  3. Destroy the seal between shingles. Asphalt roofs have a self-seal strip on the back which adheres to the shingles below. Hail hits can destroy this seal, allowing water to get to your roof deck.

Steps to Take in the Wake of a Hail Storm

If hail rains down on your home, you need to take proactive steps after the storm stops.

  • Document the Damage: Take pictures of any hail on the ground. Take pictures of obvious damage to your siding, gutters, or roof. Call for a roofer to do a detailed inspection of the roof to document the damage.
  • Tarp the Damaged Area: Protect the roof until it’s repaired.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company: Call the insurer’s claim line and report the damage. They will open a claim and send out an adjuster to survey the damage. Your roofer can walk the adjuster around and point out any hidden damage.
  • Get It Repaired: Once the claim is approved, your roofer will get the damage repaired.

These steps will help you protect your home from further damage and to get the insurance company to pay for the repairs. Call the roofing experts here at Pro Roofing & Siding for all of your roofing needs. We know how to work with your insurance company and get the claim resolved quickly.

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