Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It serves as a barrier between your home, the outside elements, and protects your family. When it is time to replace the roof and you want a stronger, more durable material, consider putting on a metal roof. There are three things you should expect when you have Atlanta metal roofers install a new metal roof:

1. The Difference – When you move from a shingle roof to a metal roof there are a few major differences to expect:

  • Appearance – The first thing you will notice is that your metal roof is architecturally attractive. The slope and lines of your home will be accentuated and have a cleaner look to them. It will be easier to spot debris or damage after a storm as opposed to a shingle roof that camouflages debris.
  • Maintenance – Metal roofs require minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with water.

2. The Benefits – Metal roofs last longer than shingle and tile roofs and hold up better against storm damage and continual weathering.

  • Longevity – One positive point is that, a metal roof will last considerably longer than a shingle roof. It offers better protection to you and your family from the elements and once installed, very little needs to be done.
  • Strength – A metal roof can withstand hits from hail, debris from trees, and will resist animal intrusion. It’s not made out of wood so it will not rot, crack or warp, reducing the chances of any water leaks.

3. The Options –Types of metal – There are many options for metal roofs including galvanized steel, Galvalume steel, aluminum, copper and even stainless steel. The most common is a galvanized steel.

  • Color and Style – You are able to choose from different colors just like you would a shingle roof; the difference is that you are also able to paint your metal roof if you want a change. When it comes to style, you decide on whether you want a corrugated or ribbed panel, flat panel or another design.

When it is time to upgrade and put a new roof on your home, consider a metal roof and contact Pro Roofing for a licensed expert to come out and give you a free estimate. You can reach these Atlanta metal roofers at (770) 999-9875.

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