Cinderella F was referred to Pro Roofing & Siding by a Construction Recycling Environmental Services Testing Company. Her old roofing system was tested and found to have asbestos shingles. Asbestos roof removal is very labor involved due to safety issues. While the use of asbestos in petroleum-based roofing materials was mostly phased out during the 1980’s, many homes, commercial buildings and schools still have roofs made of materials that contain asbestos. The petroleum-based asphalt in the products acts as a binder that holds the asbestos fibers within a solid matrix and were designed to be fire resistant and durable. Just because there is asbestos found in the roofing, or siding, materials does not mean that the roof needs to be replaced. It is when the asbestos is disturbed that it becomes harmful.

Asbestos Roof Removal

Pro Roofing & Siding  is trained and certified by the EPA. The Roofing Crew must be quipped with the proper gear, including overalls, hoods, goggles, boots, gloves and a special regulator. Asbestos roofing material that is friable, or can be crushed by hand, releases asbestos fibers into the air. These fibers can be inhaled and cause significant health consequences. Once the old roofing system is removed under strict regulations, our Roofing Crew installed the new roofing system using GAF Architectural Shingles. This roof qualified for a 50 Year SYSTEM PLUS (non prorated) Warranty from GAF.

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