Old Roof Tear-Off

Pro Roofing & Siding installed an Atlanta Roof Replacement. When we arrive at a home or commercial building, we cover and protect the areas surrounding the building from falling debris. We maintain a clean and organized work site during the process. We then do a complete removal of the existing roof system including roofing materials, flashings and fasteners. We clean the roof”s deck of all debris to prepare for reroof application.

Roof System Preparation

We will then inspect the wood decking for any damage and replace as needed. After refastening the decking, we apply Ice & Water Shield  and step flashing at the valleys, chimney, penetrations and at the wall transitions as necessary and install drip edge flashings to the perimeter of the roof. We double boot the plumbing stacks for extra protection.

Roof System Installation

Attic Ventilation is a key part of any roofing system. If the roof does not have proper ventilation it can cause major damage to the roof system and the inside of the building. Proper ventilation will also keep heating and cooling cost down, essentially helping to be energy efficient.  The Crew will then install the shingles (or metal or tile).

Clean Up

The Pro Roofing & Siding Crew will clean out the gutters and pick up and remove all debris created from the project. We use large magnets to remove nails from all areas. The Project Manager will then do a final walk-through with the customer after completion. After final approval, we have another satisfied customer.

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