Relationships are built on trust. You trust your local commercial roofer to provide prompt, attentive service when you call. Consider, though: does your commercial roofer trust you? Three smart moves to make now and in the year ahead can help you make the most of your collaboration with your roofer.

Stay in Touch

One of the best ways to capitalize on each other’s time is to stay in touch. Keep your commercial roofer informed of signs of adverse wear, any unexpected changes, or upcoming company projects that may affect the roof.

We are not suggesting regular weekly breakfasts at the diner (enjoyable as that may be), but if you schedule semi annual inspections, quarterly calls in between make sense. These calls tell your commercial roofer that you want to optimize the crew’s time, you know how to monitor your own roof, and you value your roofer’s work.

While we at Pro Roofing & Siding do not recommend any amateurs walk on steep-slope commercial roofs, most low-slope (“flat”) roofs can be safely reviewed in between inspections. Talking honestly to your roofer about your roof’s condition can help each onsite visit go quicker and be more productive.

Write Down Advice

When your commercial roofer performs semiannual or annual inspections, watch and listen. During the inspection you may hear some valuable advice, delivered off the cuff, that could be as valuable as the final written report. Do not rely on your memory — if you are like most facilities managers or building owners, your poor brain is overloaded already — but instead jot a note. Free advice from a valued and trusted roofer could help you spot a small problem later, and avoid a huge repair bill.

Act on Recommendations

Most good roofers will deliver a written report with each annual or semiannual inspection. Included will be recommendations for preserving and maintaining your roof:

  • Waterproofing
  • Spray on or brushed on reflective coatings
  • Strategies to address problem areas
  • Solutions to ponding, clogging or prevailing winds


Act on your roofer’s suggestions. A good roofer is more interested in a long-term relationship than fast money from a quick fix. Play your role in the collaboration, and every maintenance visit will help extend your roof’s useful life.
As a premier Atlanta commercial roofer, Pro Roofing & Siding can collaborate with you on strategies to repair, maintain and preserve your industrial or commercial roof. Contact Pro Roofing & Siding today.


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