How to Choose the Best Exterior Paint for Your Home

Having the exterior of your Atlanta-area home repainted can give it a fresh, updated look, provide better protection against the elements, and boost your property’s value. If the wrong type of paint is used or the job isn’t done right though, you can end up with a peeling, blistering mess that detracts from your home’s curb appeal. To avoid future headaches, you need to hire experienced exterior painters, choose the best paint and keep these considerations in mind:

Type of Paint

Years ago, oil-based paints (now called alkyd) were the standard for exterior painting. The latex paints available today are more durable, adhere better and offer superior color retention and resistance to chalking and cracking. Ultimately, your painting professional is the best source of advice on whether latex is the right choice for your home, or if an alkyd product is needed because the exterior already has multiple coats of oil paint, or the existing paint is badly chalked.

Paint Quality

Paint is like any other product on the market: you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Cheap paints are made with lower-grade materials, so they don’t adhere as well, and are less flexible than more expensive products. If you want an attractive, long-lasting exterior finish that protects your home for years, opt for the highest quality paint you can afford.

Climate Considerations

The high humidity here in Atlanta can cause unsightly mildewing of a home’s exterior finish, especially if the structure sits in the shade most of the day. If the exterior gets a lot of direct sunlight, some paints will quickly start to chalk and fade. In such circumstances, you’ll want to invest in a paint that’s specifically formulated to resist mildew or fading.

Proper Preparation

Good surface preparation is the key to a beautiful exterior paint job that lasts. First, your home’s exterior should be power-washed to remove accumulated dirt and grime, and then allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Any areas of loose, flaking or peeling paint should be scraped and/or sanded, decayed wood siding or trim replaced and cracked/missing caulk reapplied. Any spots where bare wood is exposed must be primed with a high-quality exterior primer, too, before the first coat of new paint is applied.

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