What a Roofer Needs to Know about Complicated Claims

Nearly every roofer in the Marietta area accepts insurance work. Many insurance claims for roofs, however, are not strictly for the roof. What about the tree that falls on the roof and also collapses part of the garage? What about the broken HVAC unit in the attic that also rotted the sheathing? How do complicated insurance claims get resolved?

Part of a Team

Your local roofer is fully prepared to work as part of a team to restore your home. Consider new construction. A roofer does not put up a roof and then hope carpenters hold it up with walls. Everything is done by a schedule, with accommodations among the trades to get the home up in the right order. The same is true with roof repair. 

When storm damage or broken HVAC pipes wreak havoc, your roofer is ready to go to work to help. Respecting the other trades and waiting for the right moment, your local, friendly roofer knows exactly when to step in and make the necessary repairs. 


For you, the beleaguered homeowner, to feel comfortable with a roofer, you must trust the contractor. To earn your trust, the roofer should:

  • Provide a clear scope of the work to be done, and when it will be done
  • Explain when in the repair schedule the roofing will be done
  • Make a project manager or site supervisor available for questions
  • Work with the insurance adjuster on your claim

If you ask a prospective roofer about insurance claims and get an unsatisfactory answer, move on. Your home is not someone else’s experiment. You cannot afford to work with a roofer you cannot trust. 

What to Do

When your home suffers damage, first make certain family members, including pets, are safe. Call your insurance company. Then call a roofer if the damage could cause water infiltration. 

Let the insurance adjuster and roofer (and other trades) do their jobs. Be on hand to answer questions, but refrain from stepping in. They have handled complicated claims repeatedly; you have probably never had one!

Get a general idea of the total cost, but be prepared to sign off on change orders as new problems are found. You may need carpenters, electricians, and plumbers working in succession before your roofer can put on the final, crowning touch. 

To get that feeling of complete trust in your roofer, contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding today!