What You Need To Know About Emergency Roof Repair Costs

You depend on your roof to protect your family and everything inside of it. But emergencies happen from time to time. Storms, hailstone, strong winds, and scorching heat can cause massive damage to your roof at the most unexpected time. So, what would you do during such emergencies? Do you know whom to call, and how much would it cost? This guide will highlight emergency roof repair cost vs non-emergency repair costs and explain what parameters come into play when handling emergency roof repairs.

When your roof becomes compromised, it may no longer protect your property from external weather conditions like rain, wind, or scorching sunshine. It’s critical to address the damage promptly to avert further damage to your property and its content.

Emergency Roofing

Whenever a roofing system is compromised, water will begin to infiltrate into your house. A quick roof repair is done to remediate further interior and structural damage. Your roofing professional may begin by tarping the hole in the roof until the adverse weather condition changes. Afterward, the roofer will assess the damage and propose a more permanent roofing repair.

How Long Emergency Roofing Repairs Can Take

If your roof is damaged by a raging storm, your professional roofer may wait until the storm subsides and mobilize a quick response team. Safety is always a priority for roofing companies. With strong winds, heavy rains, and lighting during storms, there is nothing much your roofer can safely do to mitigate the problem. However, once the storm has subsided, you can expect an emergency roofer to arrive in a few hours, depending on your location.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Costs

The cost of repairing your roof in an emergency can vary widely based on several factors. A non-emergency roof repair cost, on the other hand, can be straightforward and predictable as the roofer would have assessed the damage and issued a quotation. Here are some factors that could influence the cost of an emergency roof repair.

  • Extent of the Damage – The magnitude of the damage and the amount of repair will significantly affect the overall cost. That goes without saying that extensive damages will cost higher to repair, and vice versa.
  • Type of Damage – A typical emergency repair involves sealing leaks. However, storm damage can often cause heavier damages under the roof’s layer, which results in huge costs. A strong wind could blow off your shingles, leaving parts of your roof exposed to leakage. A fierce storm can also throw tree branches into your roof and punch holes in it. Depending on what caused the damage, the repair cost will vary widely.
  • Season or Urgency of the Repair – The cost of emergency roof repair will also depend on the season and how quickly you want the roof fixed. Repair costs will cost less during off-peak seasons when the demand for roofing professionals is less. Roofing material also cost less during the offseason. Again, if you want the roof fixed within a shorter timeline, you could pay more in repair costs.
  • Your Roof’s Material – The overall emergency repair cost also depends on the type of shingles currently on your roof. Roofs with asphalt shingles will cost less than ones with metal, slate, or stone shingles. Moreover, cedar or wooden roofs cost less to repair than stone, slate, or metal roofs.
  • How Much Your Insurance Pays – Most home insurance policies cover roof repair and replacement if the damage is caused by severe weather, with the exception of floods. However, they won’t cover damages caused by poor roof maintenance. Promptly report any emergency roof damage to your insurer and let them send an assessor to evaluate the magnitude of the damage. Your deductible will also influence how much you’ll pay out of pocket, which further affects the cost of repair.

Always Use a Professional Roofing Contractor

Roofing is one of the riskiest repairs that should only be left for the experts. It’s a good idea to save the telephone contact of your preferred local roofing contractor whom you can reach whenever an emergency strikes your roof. They will respond by tarping your roof to secure your property before carrying out a comprehensive assessment to determine the level of damage and the right mitigation procedure (whether its repair or replacement).

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