What To Expect from Your Exterior Painter

Exterior painters are just like any other home improvement contractors: there are reputable ones who provide reliable, skilled services, and others who are out to make a quick buck and aren’t terribly concerned about workmanship quality or customer satisfaction. To ensure that you hire a fully-qualified pro who’ll do a superb job and stand behind their work, there are qualities you should expect and others to watch out for when you’re choosing a painter:

Insurance Coverage

A painter worth hiring should be more than willing to give you copies of up-to-date liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates if you ask. If a “pro” tells you they don’t have insurance, cross them off your list of potential hires. Without that coverage, you can be held financially responsible if the worst happens, like a fire caused by the improper use of a paint gun, or a fall that leaves a painting crew member injured or disabled.

Exterior Painting Expertise

Experience matters if you want a paint job that lasts, so make sure the painting pro you hire knows the correct preparation and application techniques, use the right tools and equipment, and can give you knowledgeable advice about the best products to protect your home’s specific exterior materials. Generally speaking, you should avoid any contractor who tells you they have only a few months of experience with exterior painting, or they’ve only done interior painting previously. Don’t forget to verify a painter’s claims by confirming exactly how long they’ve been in business, talking to previous customers and checking online reviews.

Detailed Estimate and Agreement

When you contact a professional painter, they should schedule a time to come by to measure and inspect your home’s exterior, discuss your needs and budget, and answer your questions. A pro will also give you an organized estimate that details the prep work required, the exact type of paint to be used, and a breakdown of materials and labor. Insist on your contractor providing a signed contract that lists all of the above, plus the project’s start/end dates and the workmanship warranty they provide. It’s wise to avoid any painter who gives you a ballpark estimate either over the phone or in person or a rock-bottom price that sounds too good to be true.

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