How New Exterior Paint Adds Value to a Commercial Building

As a commercial building owner or manager, you want to continuously improve the property’s bottom line and add to its value. Having your property freshened up by an experienced exterior painting contractor in Atlanta can bring you greater value in several ways, such as:

Improving the Aesthetic

Regardless of whether you own an apartment complex, an office building, a multi-unit retail shopping center, a restaurant or a stand-alone storefront, the condition of the exterior paint has an impact on how your customers, employees and the general public view your business. If the paint is dull and faded, blistering or peeling, it can give the wrong impression that your business isn’t doing well, or that you simply don’t care. A fresh coat of paint can dispel this and make your property stand out to potential customers or tenants.

Enhancing Your Brand

If you operate any type of business from your commercial property, painting the exterior gives you an opportunity to increase brand awareness every time someone pulls into your parking lot. If you use a certain color scheme in your advertising, why not use it on your building’s exterior and incorporate your logo as well to promote your business without incurring any additional advertising expense?

Maintaining Your Property Cost-Effectively

Keeping the exterior of your commercial building in good condition requires ongoing maintenance if you expect it to retain its value. Compared to most other renovations or updates, painting is one of the most cost-effective projects you can tackle because the perceived boost in value it provides can easily exceed the cost of hiring an exterior painting contractor in Atlanta.

Protecting the Structure Against Damage

The exterior paint is your property’s first line of defense against everything Mother Nature doles out. If it’s breaking down, the building’s structure is vulnerable to water intrusions, wood rot, mold and mildew growth as well as damage from insects like termites and carpenter ants. Having the exterior properly prepared and painted by a knowledgeable pro can save you the stress and expense of making costly repairs to fix deterioration, and it can allow you to catch an insect infestation before it causes extensive expensive damage.

At Pro Roofing & Siding, we offer a complete range of services that add value to commercial properties including painting, waterproofing, stucco repair and pressure cleaning. Contact us today if you’re seeking a trusted and skilled commercial painting contractor in Atlanta.

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