How Exterior Paint Updates Help Sell Your Home

Many things can affect the sale of your home. Whether it’s the season, the curb appeal of surrounding homes, or even the schools in the neighborhood, these factors can greatly influence your home’s sale. Smart home sellers take all of these into consideration when planning to sell. However, one factor that’s often overlooked is the exterior paint of your home. You can easily make your home more appealing and easier to sell with a fresh paint job, so long as you keep a few things in mind when choosing the color and contractor.

Avoid Current Trends

Unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll sell your home before the next big trend comes along, don’t paint your house in current “hot” or “trendy” colors. Home fashion trends are unpredictable and short-lived, so what’s hot today could be as stale as last week’s biscuits by the time your home actually sells.

Instead, stick with classic colors that are a complement to the surrounding neighborhood. Stay away from anything too bright, dark or bold, as colors that make a statement could actually detract from your home’s appeal. Light, neutral colors with contrasting trim allow potential buyers to project their own personality onto the home. This helps your home appeal to the widest base of possible buyers.

Trim Should Complement, not Overpower

Painting your home with a more neutral color gives you several options when it comes to choosing a trim color. Don’t go overboard with bright, vibrant colors. These can come across as tacky or garish, especially to more staid buyers. Instead, choose a trim that accents your home and makes it look welcoming. Beige exterior paint would be a good background for a darker brown trim, for example. In short, stay conventional and not too flashy for the best chances of selling your home.

Choose a Reputable Contractor

In the Atlanta area, we know you have many choices when it comes to choosing a contractor. Exterior painters, like every other contractor, have varying degrees of competence. When hiring exterior painters, it’s always important to ensure you’re dealing with someone who has the experience to paint your home properly, as well as a good reputation in your community. At Pro Roofing, we make sure we’re doing your project right, the first time. We double-check everything with you and we’re proud of our commitment to the Atlanta area. Contact us today for your exterior painting estimate!

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