Everything You Need To Know About Storm Windows

Your Atlanta-area home is your pride and joy. But do neighbors and potential buyers recognize it as they drive by? Has your home retained or increased its value? What about your energy bills? Have they climbed and climbed…and climbed through the years? The problem may not be your home’s siding, HVAC system, or landscaping. Have you taken a hard look at your home’s windows?

Replacement Windows: The Quick Fix

Experts at Cost Versus Value peg replacement windows as a great investment, bringing in over 74 percent of their cost at resale during 2018. Better yet, they have returned cost-versus-value of over 70 percent in eight of the last nine years. This shows windows are a trusted investment for wise homeowners.

For relatively little cash outlay (estimated 2019 national average cost for a full house is around $16,000), you can spruce up your home’s exterior, save money on energy costs, and bring new beauty to your home’s interior, too!

Even better, the typical window replacement project is measured in days, not weeks or even months as with other remodeling projects like kitchens, master suite baths, or extensions.  

Choosing Replacement Windows

Well constructed replacement windows install quickly because they do not “replace” every part of the old window. No new rough framing is needed. With careful measuring, the custom-built replacement window installs inside the old window’s sash frame, providing improved insulation, easy cleaning, and abundant daylight.

Selecting the right replacement window can be confusing, though. Partner with a local, reliable window installer so you are certain every step will be done right.

  • Initial estimates
  • Correct measuring
  • Proper installation and insulation
  • Quick callbacks for minor issues

The right installer is half the solution. The right window manufacturer is the other half. In the hands of an expert installer, a solidly engineered vinyl replacement window outperforms traditional wood-frame, double-hung windows.

A good replacement vinyl window is better insulated, lets in more daylight, and gives lower heat gain than your old, tired windows. Plus, clean, fresh virgin vinyl looks great with minimal maintenance.

Choices, Choices

With Simonton vinyl replacement windows, you have abundant choices. You can select from different window opening designs, different pane options, many color choices for both interior and exterior, and much more.

Your home reflects your tastes, preferences, and personality. Let your windows continue and amplify your personal message. Your home’s current windows may be serviceable, but do they show your friends, family, and neighbors who you are?

Consider opening designs alone. Single-hung may be traditional, but consider all these choices:

  • Double-hung — both sashes open for better ventilation and tilt-in for easy cleaning
  • Casement — Opens at an angle, with a crank
  • Awning — Hinged top, opening at an angle at the bottom
  • Slider — Opens to the left or right
  • Picture — Got great views? Showcase them with a large expanse of beautiful glass!
  • Bay or bow windows — Drama, dimension, and space-saving all in one
  • Garden — Perfect for herb gardens in the kitchen, a quiet reading nook, or a tranquil bedroom

Grid Patterns

The muntins and mullions of old were needed to hold individual panes of glass in wood frames. No more! Now with modern technology, we have energy-saving low e glass. Because of this, your vinyl replacement windows can come to you with large, smooth expanses of crystal-clear glass for maximum daylighting. Or, you can opt for grid patterns to match your home’s architectural style.

Simonton vinyl windows offer seven different grid patterns, in four different thicknesses and materials. You can select from Prairie School, Victorian, perimeter, Colonial and diamond grid patterns, with additional choices for top and bottom sashes with double- and single-hung windows.

Energy Savings

Simonton vinyl replacement windows expertly installed by Pro Roofing & Siding are rated by the federal Energy Star program for being energy efficient. They cut your energy bill, reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil sources, and help prevent greenhouse gas buildup in our atmosphere.

Replacement windows use low E glass. According to Simonton, this is, “a transparent metallic oxide coating is applied to the glass surface.” This allows visible light to enter your home while infrared light (heat) is reflected.

Insulating spacer systems between panes save you money winter and summer with low heat gain in summer. They also give more daylight year-round. Use fewer artificial light sources and enjoy abundant, natural sunlight inside.

Pro Roofing and Simonton

Combine one of America’s best values in energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows and one of Atlanta’s premier installation companies for a perfect solution to your home’s window problem.

When you realize how much money you can save, how low your energy bills will be, and how beautiful your Atlanta-area home will be, you will be ready to contact Pro Roofing & Siding to find out more about replacement windows. We can help you clearly see the difference Simonton Reflections windows can make for your home.

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