4 Proven Strategies to Make Your Roof Earn an A+

Structurally speaking, your home is nothing without its roof and the stability and protection the roof offers you and your family from the elements. Keeping your roof well maintained and up to date is easy when you follow these 4 proven strategies:

1. Keep your Gutters and Downspouts Clean

Gutters safely gather water from your roof during a rainstorm and move it into the downspouts and then out into the yard. This protects your roof from standing water damage and it also protects your foundation by moving the water away from the house. If there is a clog in either the gutter or the downspout, this will impede the water. Clogs can be from debris like leaves, twigs, plants and even animals like squirrels or rodents who nest in downspouts. A good cleaning once a month will keep those areas clear.

2. Make a Visual Inspection once a Month

This is especially important after a high wind or heavy storm. You can walk around the home and look for any roofing materials that have fallen. You should be able to see any missing, torn or broken shingles from the ground. Check inside your home for water spots on the ceiling, and check in the attic for any water damage. If you feel like there needs to be an inspection from the roof, call a professional roofer to come and inspect for damage.

3. Have a Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule with your roofer will give you peace of mind. If there are any weak spots or issues, they will be caught early and taken care of. Your roofer will be checking things like:

  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Shingles for tears, cracks, breaks or missing pieces
  • Flashing around chimneys, vents and pipes
  • Standing water
  • Cracks, sagging and obvious damage
  • Algae

4. Make Repairs when Needed

If after an inspection the roofer determines that there need to be repairs like shingle replacement, it is a good idea to get those done quickly. Waiting can turn a minor repair into a major one.


If you follow these proven strategies, your roof will be stronger, last longer and keep your family protected from the elements for years to come. When you are ready to set up a maintenance schedule or if you would like a roof inspection or free estimate, give Pro Roofing & Siding a call at (770) 999-9875 for a certified roofer.

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