Making The Most Out Of Your Metal Roof

The benefits of a metal roof are many, from the energy savings that they provide to the wide variety of style, pattern, and colors.

Metal roofs also have the advantage of longevity in that they’ll last twice as long – if not more – than an asphalt shingle roof. But long-lasting doesn’t mean you should avoid regular maintenance to get the most from your metal roof.

Here are some tips for keeping your metal roof in the best shape possible while enjoying its many benefits over the years.

1. Checkups

Regular checkups are part of keeping any roof in tip-top shape, including your metal roof. Some things you can do from the ground are simple – such as looking to see if leaves or debris are stuck to the roof and if the gutter downspouts are clear. Rainwater will wash debris into your gutter system, clogging it. With a clogged gutter, water cannot drain and may seep back up into your roof or fascia.

A professional roofer can also check your roof for loose flashings, punctures from falling objects, and loose roof sheets and fasteners.

2. Leaks

Check your roof for leaks caused by roof penetrations such as heating and cooling units, air vents, or skylights. Leaks are sometimes caused by silicones that shrink or harden as they dry out, causing separated seams or cracks where water can infiltrate.

3. Fasteners

Regular inspections by a professional include examining exposed fasteners that may have been used on your metal roof. The inspection will involve making sure fasteners are installed correctly and whether they’ve been tightened too much or not enough.

4. Replace when necessary

Material such as closures or venting materials may come loose or deteriorate due to sun exposure, high winds, or flying debris during storms. You should have your roofing contractor replace any loose material as needed.

5. Scratches

It’s OK to leave scratches on your metal roof alone unless the compromise the strength of the metal sheet, or they have punctured the metal causing an opening where water can get in.  Have a professional inspect large scratches to make sure your roof is still doing its job.

The professionals of Pro Roofing & Siding of Atlanta are experts when it comes to metal roof installation and maintenance. They’ll help keep your roof in the best possible condition.

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