4 Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Roof Storm Damage

With the recent volatile spring weather that’s hit the Atlanta area, it’s perfectly normal to worry whether the roof that protects your home is in any danger. When a severe storm passes through with high winds, torrential rains, hail or tornado activity, you can be left facing an emergency roof repair to fix issues like these:

  • Broken or torn-off shingles.
  • Patches of bare substrate stripped of granules.
  • A gaping hole in the roof from a fallen tree limb.
  • Hail battered shingles or loosened metal panels and fasteners.
  • Damaged or missing flashing around the roof edge, skylights or plumbing vents.

Proactive Measures to Help Prepare for Stormy Weather

Although you’ll hear on the weather report when a storm is heading toward metro Atlanta, it’s impossible to predict whether your roof will suffer any harm. You can make the situation less worrisome and lower the risk of roof and/or interior damage by taking these measures in advance:

  • Find a reliable roofer. You’ll find a roof damage ordeal less stressful if you’ve already connected with a trustworthy, experienced roofing contractor. Make sure the roofer you choose is licensed, insured and reputable with good references and reviews. Also, look for a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency service and is certified by your roof system manufacturer.
  • Make any needed repairs. Have your chosen contractor inspect your roof and get any issues taken care of immediately. Knowing that your roof is in good shape can bring peace of mind that it’s ready to ride out whatever stormy weather Mother Nature sends your way.
  • Evaluate your household insurance coverage. Read through your policy so you fully understand the specific types of events you’re covered for, and whether you have full or prorated replacement coverage. Plus, talk with your insurer to get well versed in their claims process so you don’t have to figure it out when you’re stressed and dealing with a damaged roof.
  • Locate your home’s utility shut offs. Find where your electrical, gas and water shutoffs are located so you can halt the flow from your utilities if necessary to prevent a fire, flood, gas leak or explosion.

Contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding if you’re searching for a skilled and reliable roofing contractor in the metro Atlanta area. We can inspect your roof for any issues that need immediate attention, and our experienced crews are available 24-7 if you need emergency roof repair services.

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