How the Pro Care Club Prevents Roof Repair Emergencies

Roof maintenance may not be at the top of your mind on a regular basis, but when you spring a leak and have a big mess on your hands, it certainly is.

Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, consider becoming a part of the Pro Care Club with Pro Roofing & Siding. You get a number of advantages by being part of the club. Here are just a few:

1. Annual Roof Check-Up

As part of the Pro Care Club, you get the roof maintenance you need with a yearly inspection inside and out. The professionals will check the critical components of your roof and seal anything that is exposed. This allows you to head off any areas that might leak in the future by taking part in this roof maintenance.

2. Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Any time you have to have any repairs done as a part of your roof maintenance, you get a lifetime guarantee on those repairs as part of the club.

3. Priority Appointments

As a Pro Club Care member, your needs are of the utmost concern. If you have a leak or need help, you’re at the front of the service line and will get an appointment as a priority.

4. Yearly Gutter Cleaning

No one enjoys cleaning their gutters and when we are there doing your roof maintenance, we’ll clean them for you every year. Gutters are a crucial puzzle piece to diverting water from your roof to a safe area away from your home’s foundation. You won’t have to worry about getting that ladder out or spending the time cleaning mushy leaves out of your gutters it any longer.

5. Free Storm Assessments

If a big storm blows through, we’ll come out and check your roof for free to make sure everything is safe and in order–even if we’ve already been there this year for roof maintenance!

6. Member Discounts

Anytime you need roof maintenance by way of repairs, you get a 15% discount as a Pro Care Club member. You’ll save, get appointments fast, and avoid damage that roof leaks can do to your home.

Are you ready to get serious about roof maintenance by becoming a Pro Care Club member? Contact Pro Roofing & Siding to ask questions about the program. We’re here to help our clients in any way we can and we pay special attention to those who are part of the Pro Care Club.

Roof maintenance is important to the overall health of your home and we want to take the best possible care of your family through the Pro Care Club.

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