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Flat roofs are far different from the gabled roofs on most homes, but there is one similarity — proper maintenance is not optional. Developing a functional maintenance plan is essential for extending your roof’s functional lifespan.

1 – Keep Detailed Documentation

Effective documentation includes an energy audit, product sheets from the roofing company and the specs of the roof. As well, keeping construction reports and warranties of every repair or change to the roof is useful. This way, anything you need to know can be referenced immediately. Keep both a hard copy of these reports and a digital copy, in case of systems failure or natural issue such as a flood.

2 – Make Routine Inspections

A full inspection by a professional should happen at least once per year. Quarterly inspections, combined with a post-storm inspection, is the optimal choice. Catching flat roof repair projects early will help you to save thousands over the full lifespan of your roofing system. If your building’s maintenance manager is not familiar with your roofing system, team up with a local contractor.

3 – Enforce Roof-preserving Precautions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your building’s maintenance staff should be trained in the essential basics of flat roof maintenance and upkeep.  This includes:

  • Walking only on designated paths
  • Avoid smoking on the roof
  • Clean out any clogged drains
  • Never leave tools or equipment on the roof
  • Utilize proper safety equipment when on the rooftop

4 – Include a Budget Item for Repairs

Free up your finances by building maintenance/repair costs for your flat roof into your budget.  Integrating small costs today will help to ensure that costly repairs are avoided later on down the road.

These are just a few of the basic requirements of developing a solid flat roof repair and maintenance plan to keep your building and your company’s assets secure.

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