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Fiberglass asphalt shingles are the single most popular roof material in America. They do, however, require proper care and maintenance for optimal longevity. Sometimes, you may look up and find your home is in need of shingle roof repair. Here are 5 facts to keep in mind about the process that will help to save you time and money while taking care of your roof.

Fact #1: It is Important to Hire Professionals for Shingle Roof Repair

A slippery shingle roof is not a safe place for amateurs. Without a safety harness, work boots, gloves and other protective gear, the typical homeowner risks abrasions, slips and falls.

Call the professional, local roofers at Pro Roofing & Siding. Our crews have the expertise and training to work on any slope roof to perform shingle roof repair work quickly and safely. We are licensed and insured to protect not only our employees, but you as well.

Fact #2: No Shingle Roof Heals Itself

A small leak does not get smaller. Putting off shingle roof repair is never a good idea, because damage spreads rapidly. Water damage weakens the wood, then invites insects to damage your Marietta home. Attend to repair work early, at the first sign of problems.

Fact #3: Maintenance Minimizes Shingle Roof Repair

Regular inspection and maintenance can hold down the costs of repair work. This is because an annual or biannual inspection by a qualified professional roofer can uncover small problems before they grow to larger issues. Simple maintenance, such as recaulking, resetting nail pops and removing debris, can help reduce the risk of widespread damage.

Fact #4: Intersections Invite Issues

Where chimney breaks through roof, where sanitary stack pierces shingles, and where two roof surfaces meet to create a valley; there you will find problems. Roof repair often involves flashing, chimney crickets, rubber boots and other small areas that can escape your attention.

Fact #5: Gutters are Part of Your Roof

Gutters are canaries in the coal mine: they hold the granules that run off a shingle roof, giving you a rough idea of how your roof is wearing. Those same gutters are necessary parts of your roof, keeping water from backing up behind the fascia and infiltrating your walls. Make certain to keep your gutters clean and clear all year.

The essential fact Marietta homeowners need to keep in mind about roof repair: contact Pro Roofing & Siding to handle your roof repair problems!

Shingle Roof Repair Services