A commercial roof inspection will not only help determine if there are any leaks or damage to your property, but it will also identify any potential problems before they happen.

1. Identify Storm Damage

Even small storms can cause damage to the roof of your commercial building. Debris can build up in the corners creating weak spots where water pools. Sticks and limbs should also be cleared and those areas checked for damage.

2. Identify Leaks and Standing Water

A commercial roof inspector will go over every inch of your roof to look for leaks or the possibility of leaks. It is important to identify these as quickly as possible. The sooner it is taken care of, the less damage to your property. This will also make your tenants feel more secure in the knowledge that you are taking preventative measures to see that their investment is taken care of.

3. Clear away Debris and Animal Damage

With a storm comes a lot of debris and build-up of leaves and twigs. These should be cleared away before any damage can be fixed. Rodents and birds can also make nests on your roof, around heating or air conditioning vents, weakening the area and causing damage. An inspector will locate and identify all the areas. Once the damage (and possibilities of damage) have been located, the inspector can provide you with a plan of action for repairs and how to keep rodents and birds from nesting and causing damage.

4. Identify Aging and Weathering

Your roof is your building’s main line of defense. It will protect you from the elements. Over time, though, the components on your roof will begin to age and weaken due to the weather. The inspector will look for cracking, crazing, aging and other factors to determine how to address the damage.

5. Check and Maintain Drainage System

Roof drainage is one of the most important factors. The rain water needs to be directed away from the roof and away from the building. A good drainage system will keep your building free of standing water and potential leaks.

Turn to the professionals at Pro Roofing & Siding for an annual commercial roof inspection. We will work with you to identify any damage and the extent of that damage.  We will also recommend an efficient and economical repair, and also identify any potential problems before they happen.

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