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Summers in Marietta are filled with sun-soaked days and soaring temperatures. Roofs take the brunt of this toasty torture, so many of our neighbors ask us what they can do to keep their roofs cool in summer. Our first answer, shingle roof replacement with cool roofing, is not always possible. These five tips may help you keep your roof cool and lower your energy bill.


Most of our homes have attic insulation that covers the joists (horizontal framing members) of the attic’s floor, but consider the benefits of insulating the underside of your Marietta home’s sheathing. Foil-faced insulation board mounted in your attic to the bottom of roof sheathing can lower cooling costs.


Your Marietta home should have ridge vents to allow convection currents up from the soffit vents. Soffit vents appear on the horizontal overhang where your roof extends past your home’s exterior walls. Warm air rises, so air circulating through your attic helps cool your roof.


A roof mist cooling system, or evaporative cooling system, lowers surface temperatures by spraying small amounts of water across your home’s roof. As water evaporates, it carries away tremendous amounts of heat. Evaporative cooling systems can lower rooftop temperatures by up to 60 degrees, forestalling shingle roof replacement by extending your roof’s useful life. If you are worried about your water bill, fear not: these systems can operate on less than a pint of water per square foot per day.


Trees that give partial shade to your home’s roof help block infrared (heat) rays. Trees also cool the air through photosynthesis. You may not have the patience to wait 20 years for a live oak—Georgia’s state tree—to grow from an acorn. Consider having more mature trees professionally planted, and avoid cutting back branches unless they endanger your roof. Shingle roof replacement due to storm damage erases any energy savings from tree shade.


By far the most effective way to cool your home’s roof is with complete shingle roof replacement using a “cool roof” shingle. These innovative GAF products repel heat, lowering cooling costs while lowering your roof’s temperature. GAF’s Timberline Cool Series shingles feature:

  • Specially designed, heat-reflective roofing granules
  • Stainguard® algae protection to prevent heat-absorbing algae formation
  • Savings between seven and 15 percent on cooling costs

To learn more about how to keep your Marietta-area home cool this summer, contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding today.


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