exterior paintingDoes remodeling have to be expensive to spark curb appeal? Of course not! It’s amazing what a bit of cash, a day’s time, and your effort can do to improve a home’s exterior. Starting at the curb, here are 6 budget-friendly remodels.

Get a New Mail Box

Tilted and rusted, that curbside (or house-mounted) mail box can make a home in Marietta or Alpharetta look neglected. For $10 to $100, install a new metal or plastic one. Many homeowners opt for plastic models which combine post and box in a never rust unit. Installation takes one to two hours.

Wash Down the Front Porch, Windows, and Siding

An expensive power washer is not necessary. Wash windows with an ammonia and water solution and telescoping squeegee ($30). Porch, deck, and siding require dish washing soap and water applied with a long-handled brush ($20) to eliminate spiderwebs, mildew, and grime. It will look as though you had an exterior painting touch-up done.

Hang New House Numbers

This remodel has a safety benefit. House numbers in Marietta and Alpharetta must be visible for mail carriers, school buses, package delivery, and ambulance and fire departments. Also, shiny new numbers look great. Made of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, they cost around $2 each. Installation is quick, and the result, eye-catching.

Exterior Painting – Shutters and Trim

Revive a tired facade with 3 to 4 gallons of Sherwin Williams paint at $25 each, depending on the amount of trim. Bigger exterior painting jobs are best left to professionals.

Go for New Hardware

Think new kick plate, door bell and lock set. Match the style and finish of the first three house items.

  • A brass, nickel, or pewter kick plate packs an aesthetic punch for around $30 depending on size (6″ x 34″ or 8″ x 34″).
  • A doorbell escutcheon is less than $30.
  • In an array of finishes and styles, lock sets start around $25.
  • Check out carriage house hardware for your garage door. Kits are $10 and install quickly.

Hide the Unsightly

Air conditioners, garbage cans, utility pedestals – they are essential, but ugly. Exterior painting can’t fix them, but a resin or wood lattice screen can. Comprised of three to four panels, these screens hide the unsightly. Price is around $100.

Yes, outside remodels can be accomplished in a day and on a small budget. With planning and elbow grease, expect beautiful results.

Pro Roofing is a full -service roofing company that also specializes in home exterior work. For more ideas on how to spruce-up or upgrade your home’s exterior, contact Pro Roofing & Siding.