Pro Roofing & Siding offers Atlanta Roof Maintenance Packages

The average life of a low slope residential roof is about 17 years. 99% of all roofs over 8-10 years need maintenance and can prolong the life of a roof by 5-10 years. During a time when we are all looking to save some money, proactive roof maintenance costs are minimal compared to reactive repairs and virtually puts off the purchase of a new roof.  Leaks and water seepage typically do not occur until after the roofing system or insulation has worn down or there has been deck damage. Proactive maintenance would have fixed these issues prior to leaking and reactive maintenance could include fixing the water damage costing much more.

Atlanta Roof Maintenance Packages Includes:


We offer annual and semi-annual packages for residential and commercial properties.

-Visual Review (review times vary per roof size and issues found, can take up to 2 hours)
-Secure Loose Shingles
-Roof Penetration Inspection (remove nails, seal under shingles and double boot as needed)
-Caulking (voids in flashing, minor damage repairs)
Exposed Nails (remove and seal under shingles)
-Gutter and Downspout Inspection

Many customers call because they have a leak in their roof. When we arrive for their free estimate, it’s amazing how often we are told that other roofers/contractors have told the homeowner that they need a new roof. Pro Roofing & Siding evaluates the damage and the age of the roof and often finds that a new roof is not necessary. Usually a roof repair is sufficient, saving the homeowner thousands of dollars. We feel that as an honest company and giving a good experience, the homeowner will call us not only when it’s time for that new roof, but for our other services as well.

 Did you know that we provide many services for your home?

-Roof Replacement & Repair
-Siding Replacement & Repair
-Painting – Exterior & Interior
-Gutter Replacement & Repair
-Cutter Covers
-Window Replacement
-Attic Insulation

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