home exterior paintingThe exterior of your Marietta and Alpharetta house really needs an update! This is something that can be accomplished by simply painting the trim, adding accent colors, or by doing a whole exterior painting job. You do not have to use bright or bold colors from top to bottom to make it stand out. Choosing more contemporary colors, and colors that fit both the type of house and its setting, can do wonders. Accent colors on specific areas will finish the job. Here are some questions to ask before starting:

What Colors Best Fit My House’s Architecture?

While rules regarding specific colors for specific architecture are not followed as strictly as before, you still want the color to complement the house. A Cape Cod style home may not look great with a strong color, but accent color on your front door, window trim, or porch trim can all be used to bring attention to your home without being overwhelming. A ranch style home can handle stronger colors overall, with the accents as well.

What Are My Favorite Colors?

No matter what style your house is, your own favorite colors do matter. There are many shades of the same color. Perhaps a softer, darker, or blend of your favorite color will be fine. Talking to someone who knows about exterior painting is a great help.

Big House or Small House?

Did you know when a large house is painted a dark color, it may appear gloomy and that a small house painted a light color may not stand out? You can take those same colors and adjust their tone, lighter or darker, to match the size of your house.

A Lot With Many Trees or No Trees?

Painting your house green when it is surrounded by trees may make it almost invisible. Whereas, a house painted a bright color on a lot with no trees may appear overwhelming. Your landscape has to be taken into consideration.


paintingIn Marietta and Alpharetta, we can have some cold weather but we also experience lots of hot weather. Here is where colors can be used to help with the temperatures. An exterior painting professional can help you choose which colors would be best for your location. Remember, dark colors hold heat.

Improving the looks of your home by using color to accent specific features of your home is one way to get a new and updated color on board. Just make sure the colors you choose complement the main color of your home’s siding or brick. Not sure which colors would be complementary? Ask the professionals at Pro Roofing & Siding who deals with exterior painting.

Contact Pro Roofing & Siding when you need to update the exterior of your home. Our highly trained  experts will ensure you get the quality paint job you want for your Marietta & Alpharetta home.