Home designs, like spring fashions, experience trends in materials and color.

Planning for improvements to your Marietta home may have you scratching your head about what the latest options are for siding and color choices. 

cement siding

While traditional materials such as wood and vinyl will continue their current downward trend as siding options, three siding choices will see greater popularity, taking nearly half the siding market for 2015:

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Fiber Cement


All three reflect the desire for permanence and stability that Marietta homeowners are seeking. Replacing your home’s existing wood, metal, or vinyl siding with brick veneer makes a strong, earth-centered statement, with a color palette centered on warm tones.

To combine durability with flexibility of colors and styles, opt for fiber cement siding, strongly upward-trending, and the perfect combination of materials.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement combines wood pulp, fly ash, water, and Portland cement to make a strong, moldable material. It is available in many styles and colors, and can have the appearance of shakes, clapboards, and other traditional looks, but without the high maintenance of wood or warping issues of vinyl. When professionally applied using correct handling techniques and tools, fiber cement siding is both economical and long-lasting.

How Do I Choose?

Fashion colors for 2015 are tranquil tints of blues and warm reds; home colors linger on neutrals and earth tones. Some factors affecting your choice of exterior color are:

  • Surroundings—look at your home with a critical eye, to see how it is set off in its surroundings. Do you want to blend or stand apart from your Marietta landscape?
  • Home Features—is there a prominent feature you want to call attention to, such as your front entrance or wrap-around porch?
  • Personal Styledo you have a bold or a subtle personality? Are you an artist, minimalist, rustic, or strictly professional? In a subtle way, your house can indicate the types of things you love.


Color and Material Selections

For 2015, a confident, dark blue—variously called Greek Blue or Classic Blue—is the deep end of the color pool, ideal for accent and trim. A great color choice for fiber cement siding on your Marietta home would be Toasted Almond—a warm, inviting neutral that suggests the sun’s brightness. It harmonizes beautifully with Marietta’s long-leaf pines and dogwood trees.

If darker colors are more appealing, deep greens and warm browns are still popular. These earth tones—Treetop green, Woodbine green, Sandstone—will set you solidly in 2015’s hottest trending colors for fiber cement siding, expertly installed by Pro Roofing & Siding.

For more information on having siding installed or maintained on your Marietta home, contact Pro Roofing & Siding. As a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler, you can be confidant that you will get exactly the look you want for your home.