Did you know that you can save money and help the environment with an Energy Star ® qualified roof  product?


Roofing granules give a shingle its unique look and tone. Thanks to GAF’s cool shingle process, using special proprietary cool granules with unique formulas, the energy efficient shingles are highly reflective. These special granules reflect light to lower the roof temperature to help you feel cool.

energy_star_logoAccording to the EPA, about $40 billion is spent annually in the U.S. to air condition buildings! ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products may reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, therefore reducing energy bills.

Reduced energy demand means less burning of fossil fuels, which results in less pollution from power plants. Also, ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products help to reduce the “heat island effect,” in which dark, heat-absorbing buildings and paved areas make the air in urban areas hotter.

ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products maintain a more constant temperature and reduce thermal shock which may help to extend the life of the roof.


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