DSC02520The exterior of your home shows your own personal and unique style.  Exterior paint can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of  your Marietta home.  Pro Roofing & Siding will tackle your painting project with professionalism, a high level of preparation, quality craftsmanship and materials, and complete the project safely and in a timely manner.  Whether you tackle the project yourself or have a professional complete the project, here are some guidelines for exterior painting.

Respect the Expanse

Look at the front of your Marietta-area house as if were a single flat but large, surface. Lighter colors make things look larger, while darker colors visually shrink an area. Look beyond your home when considering exterior painting colors:

  • Consider darker colors to shrink a large house on a small lot
  • Use bright colors, whites, or neutrals to enlarge a small house on a big lot
  • A lighter color will bring a home forward that is set back from the street
  • A darker color will help a home close to the street visually recede
  • On wooded or shaded property, dark colors appear darker but brighter colors help your home pop from the surroundings
  • On clear property, light colors reflect heat; darker colors increase air conditioning costs

Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Common exterior painting errors:

  • Accenting unattractive elements, such as gutters or odd house protrusions; not everything needs trim color
  • Ignoring professional exterior painting advice
  • Tuning out the neighborhood; consider the overall color schemes of your neighbors to avoid clashing with them
  • Ignoring the dramatic impact of your home’s entryway; consider setting it off from the rest of your home, like a visual “Welcome” sign


The More Things Change……

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 4.09.32 PMSome parts of your home will not change color. The chimney, roof shingles, and any masonry will become accent colors to your body color. When picking exterior body and accent colors, look for two tints from the same color card, using one as the main color and the other as the accent color. Or, you can look for a mid-tone neutral color that works with your landscape, and then select a strong trim color for defining desirable features on your home. For a beautiful exterior painting job that will last, contact Pro Roofing & Siding.