Home ExteriorThere are many reasons a home owner will need or want to replace the trim on a home. Replacing the exterior door trim and window trim can change or update the look of a home. It also can be due to problems with the trim. Pro Roofing & Siding was called to fix rotted siding of a home in Kennesaw, GA. We also found wood rot on their exterior door trim.

All exterior door trim and window trim on a home has to withstand the elements of weather (rain, wind and changing temperatures). There are times when a simple paint job can make the wear and tear of trim look new again. Other times, there are deeper problems found. When rotted wood is not taken care of, the rot can travel to the next layer of the home. When rot is caught early enough and replaced you can keep your repair costs down.

Fixing Exterior Door Trim

Exterior Door TrimFirst step in fixing exterior door trim is to remove the trim. We made sure that all of the nails are removed either with the exterior door trim removal or individually taken out.

The second step in fixing exterior door trim is to either find matching trim to replace one side or we will be replacing all three sides. In this case in Kennesaw, GA, Pro Roofing & Siding only needed to replace one side of the trim. After measuring the length of trim needed, we cut the trim to size by using a miter saw to cut the top edge at a 45 degree angle to fit in with the top piece of trim.

The third step is to nail the trim into place. After making sure that our new piece of trim fits, we nail the trim using a finish nail gun and finishing nails.

Finished Door TrimThe fourth and final step of fixing exterior door trim is to finish the trim. We start by putting caulk where the trim meets the siding. Then we fill all of the nail holes with wood filler and sand down to prep for painting. We gave this home a fresh paint job on all of the trim around the front door.

Fixing Interior Door Jambs

This home also had damage to some door jambs inside the home. This is a simple fix of sanding and using a wood filler to reproduce Fixing Door Jambthe shape of the damaged door jamb. Pro Roofing & Siding then primed and painted the interior door jamb.

Sometimes the reason for fixing a door jamb or door frame is due to rot, cracked or broken frames and is quite a bit more complicated. We would have had to cut the wood frame away and replaced the piece before using the wood filler to fill in the cracks.

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