flat roof repair

Problem with flat roofs are not always visible at first glance. Thankfully, our professional team of roofers in Alpharetta can help you detect damage so repairing can happen as soon as possible. Although roof repair techniques for flat roofing can vary greatly depending on the type of material that is used, here are some basic answers to common flat roof repair questions.

1. Is spray polyurethane foam waterproof and can it repair a leaky roof flat roof? 

No, spray polyurethane foam is not waterproof, but it can help with a leaky flat roof by shedding water off it quickly during rainstorms so more damage does not occur.  However, a quality repair will have to be made as soon as possible to keep your building safe.

2. How are separating flashing seams repaired? 

Separating flashing seams are repaired by properly overlapping them and sealing them shut with adequate amounts of sealant. This is the only way to do it properly and prevent leaking.

3. What is the importance of vent boots? 

Vent boots are essential to help water flow off your roof with ease instead of allowing the water to seep into your roof. Without them roof deterioration can occur.

4. Why are flashings bridges important to flat roofs? 

Flashing bridges are important to flat roofs because they help transition the corners and breaks within the roof and keep roofing damage from occurring. When flashing bridges are not sealed up properly, it is important to repair them so water can flow off your roof properly.

5. Why is my flashing rusting? 

Your steel metal flashing is rusting because it is always exposed to the harsh elements of Mother Nature. When rust occurs on flashings, it is time to replace them to prevent future roofing damage. We will replace it with a high quality, rust-resistant flashing.

6. What is the proper way to installed flat roof systems? 

Anytime there is flat roof repair going on, it is essential that the new roofing system is installed by starting at the lowest point working upward to the peaks of the roof so each piece of roofing material overlaps properly to prevent water from ever seeping into the roof.

7. What is the importance of starter strips? 

Starter strips are essential for preventing flashing from uplifting during heavy windstorms.

8. Can my newly installed flat roof system move? 

Flat roofing systems will expand and contract from heat and weathering.  It is important to choose a roof type that will permit this fluctuation without cracking.

For help with your flat roofing, contact the Pro Roofing team, serving Alpharetta and the surrounding area.