exterior painting tips and options

Painting the exterior of your residence is a chore. The time, effort and money involved means that you will want it to last for quite some time. Therefore, you will need the right tools and equipment to get at those awkward places and proper guidance to make it look its best and last as long as possible. Hiring a professional to do the job for you will take the stress off of you. The professional will help to sustain your building by examining your home for potential issues which could include paint that is peeling, cracked window panes, loose caulking, and more and then by fixing those problems. By paying for a good paint job done by professionals, you get the best work for your money which will increase the life of your home.

By paying for a good paint job done by professionals, you get the best work for your money which will increase the life of your home.

  • Check The Exterior For Damage

    If you are still undecided on whether or not to paint just yet, you can take a walk around your home and easily find out. Check your siding for peeling paint, caulk that needs fixing, and wood rot. You will need to paint if your house is showing major signs of weather damage.

  • How Long Does Paint Last?

    A good paint job will last you around 5-7 years if weather permits. Do not put off the project because it is time consuming or expensive- this could lead to even further damage to your home and cause major problems. If your home needs it, paint it!

  • Hire Some Help

    Hiring a professional will cost more money upfront but will save you the stress and upkeep costs later on. It is worth the investment! An experienced painter will know the proper procedures and will make your home’s exterior paint job last longer while protecting it from the weather and other hazards.

  • Color Trends

    Before selecting a color make sure not to jump at the first color you see. Remember: this is a long-term investment! A color that you chose now because it is on-trend this year will most likely not be the color that everybody is painting next year, or even next season. Color trends come and go, but classics will always be in style! Go with light colors that will not seem outdated before their time. Colors such as green, blue, and brown have longevity and always seem to stay in style.

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