new gutters

The ends of your shoelaces are protected by bits of plastic or metal called aiglets. Unassuming and on the job all the time, aiglets only get noticed when they break off and can no longer protect your lace ends. Then you have a hard time running the lace through your shoe’s eyelets. Aiglets are equivalent to your Marietta home’s gutters. Gutters, tucked up against the fascia, do their job day in and day out. Even when they are beginning to fail, you may not notice. To protect your home, consider new gutters, one of the least expensive, but very rewarding, renovations you can make.

Increased Safety

If your Marietta home’s current gutter system is old, shows signs of deterioration, or has separated from your fascia board in places, perhaps now is the time to consider all new gutters and the safety they can provide. New gutters and downspouts can safeguard and increase your home’s value:

  • Water is safely directed away from your home’s foundation, preventing water infiltration
  • Water cannot back up behind the fascia, leading to mold and mildew growth
  • Ice buildup in winter cannot push under your roof’s shingle starter strip, leading to wet attic insulation and potential roof leaks

Improved Appearance

Seamless new gutters have many advantages over older gutter methods:

  • Seamless construction—Your Marietta home is more attractive with a sleek, uniform appearance
  • No leaks—Seams are only at the corners, so fewer seams offer fewer places for water to leak
  • Sturdy, hidden hangers—We at Pro Roofing & Siding use screw-attached, hidden gutter hangers; they cannot come loose; the front of your gutter shows no nail hole
  • Colorful—We offer 14 different gutter colors, baked on for paint-free, long-lasting protection

Simpler Living

With Pro Roofing & Siding’s seamless gutters, you have fewer maintenance chores every year:

  • Lightweight Aluminum—The new gutters on your home will never need painting, will never show rust streaks, and can be easily cleaned with a hose
  • Gutter Protection Covers—When you have your new gutters covered with our sturdy protectors, gutter clean-out is a thing of the past; from pine needles to pine cones, we prevent anything getting into the gutters but rainwater

Contact Pro Roofing & Siding today to learn how a whole new gutter system can protect and improve your Marietta home. We may even have some helpful ideas on what to do with the extra time you will save by never having to clean your gutters again.

New Gutters for Your Home