painting_interiorBuying new furniture is expensive. Remodeling is both expensive and stressful. But if your home could use a burst of vitality after the long winter, look no further than the invigorating influence of a fresh coat of paint.

Unlike virtually any other change you can make to your home, interior painting is both affordable and fun, especially when you consider that paint:

  • Establishes a tone and mood—not to mention the opportunity to express your personality. Even if you don’t wish to make a radical color change, consider using paint to create a focal point; every room should have one. For example, the wall anchoring a bed or the expanse surrounding a fireplace are prime places for splashes of color.
  • Provides a sense of cohesiveness to furniture and accessories. If you feel that a room in your house “isn’t working,” paint can usually provide the remedy. More than a backdrop, think of paint as a key design element.
  • Can “trick” the eye in subtle and bewitching ways. Properly selected, paint can make a large room feel cozier and a small room feel more spacious. (See? Who needs remodeling?)
  • Creates a sense of cohesiveness. Think in terms of doors, trim and railings. A fresh coat of paint—especially in a contrasting color—can make older cabinets appear new again. And don’t forget the so-called “fifth wall” in every room: the ceiling. The traditional “ceiling white” has taken a back seat to ceilings in deeper shades than the four walls. High-gloss, metallic and pearlescent effects can literally elevate your ceiling to an art form.
  • Can improve the value of your home—especially important if you’re considering selling it—and impart a renewed sense of energy throughout.

Pro Roofing Interior Painting

At Pro Roofing and Siding, we share your sense of exuberance about interior painting in Marietta. But we also understand if you’re not entirely confident about choosing colors. And that’s where we’ll help your best efforts.

We’ll take stock of your favorite colors, show you how the color wheel works and present you with a full palette of options. And never worry: we’ll encourage you to take your time, ponder your choices and review samples over the course of several days—so that you can see how colors seemingly change throughout the course of a sunny (or cloudy) day.

The invigorating influence of paint is worth the time—and so are you. Contact us at Pro Roofing and Siding for your interior painting consultation in Marietta.