Is my new roof tax deductible?

A new replacement roof is a major home improvement that automatically adds value to your home — but it is not necessarily tax deductible. However, you can still save money by taking advantage of tax credits and other options such as:

  • Any sales tax involved in the investment may be an itemized deduction on federal taxes if you don’t deduct state income tax.
  • The cost of the roof can be deducted as a home improvement when you sell your house. A new energy-efficient roof may be a strong selling point if your are listing your house.
  • You can receive up to $500 in federal energy tax credits this year when you install an energy-efficient metal or asphalt roof.

Energy Efficient Tax Credits

Upgrading to energy-efficient roofing and insulation, siding, doors, windows, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can qualify for tax credits. The federal energy tax credit is good for energy-saving products through December 2016. This is a tax-reduction incentive to make homeowners aware of conserving power and saving on utility costs.

An Energy Star certified roof system, including insulation, saves money on heating and air conditioning by preventing air from leaking out through the roof. Energy Star certified roofing is reflective and can lower the roof temperature by as much as 50%. This can save up to 15% on air conditioning costs during hot Georgia summers.
Reflectivity standards are different for various low slope and peaked roofs for qualifying tax credits:

  • Asphalt materials must include the reflective granules.
  • Bitumen and other roofing materials may qualify for tax credits if they reduce energy costs by 10% to 15%.
  • Metal roofs must have the proper coatings to reflect sunlight.

Wind Mitigation Discounts

Another option to save money on your new roof is to keep in mind wind mitigation during installation. A new roof that is strong and durable in high winds and driving rain can lower the cost of your home’s insurance coverage. After your new roof is installed, a professional wind mitigation inspector will check the construction of the roof and how well it is attached to the walls of your house to assess what kind of discounts you qualify for. Make sure to ask us about wind mitigation standards during your roof consultation.


Pro Roofing and Siding is a certified roofing contractor in Marietta familiar with all types of materials including Energy Star products. We use secure roof to wall construction to help your new roof pass wind mitigation inspection.

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