lawn & garden landscaping

One of the many services we offer our customers in and around Cumming is exterior painting. Most homeowners associate exterior painting services with the outside of their house, but Pro Roofing & Siding has the painters and the experience to handle all sorts of outside painting work. With fine weather in the months ahead, your garden and landscape can definitely benefit from a fresh coat of bright color. We paint pergolas, fences, garden sheds, decks, playhouses and more. Along the way, spending so much time outside, we picked up a few ideas on sprucing up your whole lawn and landscaping. 


The spacious houses around Cumming almost always enjoy spacious carpets of green. Because we offer exterior painting services, we can see a lot of your lawn from our ladders. Many folks have taken to replacing sod with rock gardens and hardscaping, but for those who still like your Bermudagrass or Zoysiagrass, consider these ideas:

  • Fertilize—after getting your soil tested, add fertilizer as needed in the spring, with temperatures at least 65 degrees. Put down a slow-release fertilizer with high nitrogen content (the first of the three numbers on the bag)
  • De-thatch and aerate—in early summer, and throughout the growing season. Use a core aerator for maximum penetration.
  • Mulch with dignity—Use mulch, especially artificially colored mulch, around trees and beds with reserve, and use borders to keep it from wandering into your lawn


Georgia is blessed with a long and warm growing season, providing great conditions for planting about any flower or vegetable you could desire including Georgia’s own state flower, the Cherokee Rose. In our exterior painting services we have painted plenty of detached garages for Cumming homes. Many folks like to run a flower garden up against the garage’s side. Consider setting the garden out from the garage wall and providing your own, designed backdrop:

  • Wood fence privacy panels in pressure-treated pine
  • Trellis
  • Shadowbox panels in cedar


Current trends around Cumming include small rock gardens and little features set into front and back lawns, such as flagstones with a sundial, a semicircular bench, or a birdbath. Where hardscaping meets lawn, our exterior painting services have included fresh paint on wooden garden borders and crisp white paint on decorative fences.

Done tastefully, large boulders and smaller rocks lining a flagstone walkway can be given a nice coat of paint that adds value and beauty to your Cumming property.


For more information on the services we offer, contact our team at Pro Roofing & Siding.