Leaky Gutter Repair in Woodstock GA From A Tree Falling on Home


Chris M from Woodstock, GA called Pro Roofing & Siding to do a leaky gutter repair, roof repair and some roof maintenance. He had a tree fall on the back corner of his home.

Did you know we do leaky gutter repairs in addition to new gutters and gutter covers? Gutters and downspouts are a product on your home that protect the edge of your roof, your siding and/or stucco paint job, keeping your basement or crawl space dry and even the bushes and soil that protect the foundation. If new gutters are not the answer to a minor problem, we are able to seal and patch leaks and re-secure gutters that have pulled away from the home.

Leaky Gutter Repair

-Replace 28 Feet of Damaged Gutter and 24 Feet of 3×4 Downspout from Tree Damage
-Repair 12 Feet of  Gutter not from Tree Damage

Roof Repair


-Remove Shingles 6×8 Section
-Install New Underlayment
-Reshingle with 3 tab Weathered Gray Shingles

Roof Maintenance

roof_maintenance-Paint Chimney Pan Black
-Seal Exposed Nails
-Relace Missing Ridge Shingle Near Chimney
-Reattach Fascia Wrap Above Front Gable
-Replace 20 Feet Fascia Wrap on Rake Edge and Corner