Look Out! 5 Contractor Qualities to Make You Run Away

If you’ve hired home improvement contractors before, you probably already know some of the best qualities to look for in a roofer. You’ll search for a well-established roofing contractor with a good reputation in the Atlanta area. You’ll check for an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, investigate online reviews, and contact former customers to inquire about reliability, responsiveness, and customer service. There are also contractor qualities you should avoid, though, so be ready to run if you encounter any of the following.

Lack of Insurance Coverage

Some roofers cut corners to save on overhead expenses by not paying the premiums for workers’ compensation and adequate general liability insurance. If the roofer you hire isn’t properly insured, you can end up getting sued if one of their employees gets injured on the job site, or with no recourse if your property is damaged due to the contractor’s negligence.

Unrealistic Low Estimate

An unscrupulous roofer who underbids other contractors by a significant amount usually has no intention of actually doing the work for that price. They’re not above using shady tactics to get you to agree to unexpected price increases once they’ve been hired, such as discovering costly “hidden” damage after your old roof is torn off.

No Manufacturer Certifications

If you hire a roofing contractor who has no manufacturer certifications, you may find out that your warranty is void if problems develop down the road due to poor workmanship and improper installation. Because installation is key in how well roofing products perform, manufacturers only award certificates to contractors who demonstrate exceptional workmanship skills.

Hefty Down Payment

If a roofer asks for a substantial upfront payment to cover materials or other project costs, it’s a warning sign that they’re not financially stable or they’re hoping to scam you. They might simply disappear after taking your deposit, or they may pocket the money and neglect to pay the material supplier who can then put a lien on your property.

Time-Contingent Deal

Beware of a contractor who offers you a discounted deal if their crew can start working on your roof right away. This practice is designed to pressure you into signing a contract before you can get prices from other roofers and find out that the “deal” you’re getting isn’t that great.

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