The fine homes nestled in and around Marietta enjoy many of the benefits of country living with the convenience of big-city amenities. The charm and bustle of the Marietta Square Farmers Market is balanced by the peace and quiet of Laurel Park. And everywhere you look you see green—grass, pines, and fairways. When choosing a home color for an exterior painting project, how do you strike a balance between nature and the man-made structure?

exterior paintingLet Nature Be Your Guide

Some colors just work better than others in certain surroundings. When selecting exterior painting colors, think about your home’s setting. Look around at the natural scenery – what inspires you? Is it the tall, green Loblolly pines? Or the longleaf pines with their silvery buds? The colors of nature offer home colors an option: either to blend in or stand out:

  • Blend In—rustic brown, deep burgundy, greens in all their wonderful variations
  • Stand Out—sandy beige, warm yellows, and soft blue tints can all help your home stand apart from the background

If your property has other natural features, consider coordinating your home with them:

  • Large Rocks—try a trim color that picks up the lighter tones of landscaping boulders or a rock garden
  • Sedges and Tall Grasses—with an earth-toned house color, light accent colors can match the gentle colors seen in native grasses like the Upland Bentgrass, Bluestem, or Silver Plumegrass
  • Water Features—Although water itself is not blue, you can pick tones that suggest the coolness of water



Avoid getting carried away with a single overwhelming color that clashes with trim and accent colors. Think of your Marietta home in sections:

  • Main Exterior Painting Color—including outbuildings and garage doors
  • Wood Trim—fascia, window trim, garage door trim
  • Accents—the front door, shutters, railings and eye-catchers, such as walkway light posts, mailbox, garden trellises

The main exterior painting color for the bulk of your home should harmonize with the trim, allowing the accent color to stand out without being jarring. Avoid trends or “popular” colors, since you will have to live with them for years to come. Select colors you enjoy, classy tones that make you feel at home.

Professional Eyes

If you struggle to find color confidence, turn to professionals to help you find options that work well together and in your landscape. Pro Roofing & Siding can help at any stage of your exterior painting project, from color selection to surface preparation to completing the entire job.

With Pro Roofing contractors, you can be assured of getting a professional and quality painting job that you can be completely satisfied with.
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