COMMONS BUILDING1A new bill called the Cool Roofs Act has generated a lot of interest in energy-efficient roofing. This law creates motivation for businesses to replace old, energy-wasting roofs with the latest technologies that cut energy bills and reduce emissions. For all of you in beautiful Roswell and the greater Atlanta area, here’s a look at how this law can help the environment.

About the Cool Roofs Act

The Cool Roofs Act encourages environmentally-friendly roofing to be installed by changing some tax laws. Previously, businesses had to adhere to a depreciation schedule of 39 years even though commercial roofs typically last less than 20 years. That means that businesses have faced a financial hurdle to replacing their roofs more often than every 39 years. That’s too long to wait, especially in climates with hot summers and cold winters like Roswell.

Environmental technologies have come a long way over the last four decades. The Cool Roofs Act sets depreciation at 20 years instead of 39, so businesses with old and inefficient roofs now have incentive to install a new roof.  In short, the law is intended to increase the popularity of installing new, more efficient commercial roofs.

Environmental Benefits of the Cool Roofs Act

The earth will ultimately benefit from the Cool Roofs Act by reducing energy consumption. By getting rid of damaged roofs and replacing old roofing materials that leak conditioned air, businesses can drastically lower their energy bills and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

The Cool Roofs Act helps the planet in several ways:

  • Inefficient roofs can now be replaced sooner without financial burden.
  • Businesses can choose full roof replacement with state-of-the-art green roofs instead of constantly getting repairs to continue using wasteful old roofs.
  • Energy-efficient roof solutions become more widespread in commercial use.
  • Cost savings can be applied to other environmental efforts, if desired.

With our beautiful surroundings in Roswell, it’s natural to want to protect the environment. Commercial buildings often consume plenty of energy, so it’s important for the environment that businesses have easy access and financial incentive to install cutting-edge, super-efficient new roofs.

Pro Roofing & Siding has green products to offer including high-efficiency materials and GAF shingles with recycled content and minimized landfill impact. We’re all about taking care of Roswell’s roofing needs and taking care of the planet however we can.

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