Preventative Roof Repair That Saves You Money

Since the roof is “out of sight, out of mind,” it’s all too easy for commercial property owners and managers to prioritize other capital expenses ahead of roof repairs. You may be surprised to learn that allocating funds to keep the roof in good repair can actually save you money and improve the bottom line on your commercial property over the long term.

Why Proactive Commercial Roof Repair Makes Good Fiscal Sense

Studies have shown that the average expected lifespan of a well cared for commercial roof is 21 years, compared to just 13 years if roof repairs aren’t tackled promptly. Replacing the roof eight years early will cost you considerably more than establishing a routine maintenance program to catch and repair minor problems before they escalate. In addition to helping you avoid the expense of a premature roof replacement, taking a proactive approach to repairs can save you money on:

  • Emergency roofing services. By monitoring the condition of the roof and addressing small issues as they develop, it’s less likely that you’ll need emergency service from your roofing contractor to deal with sudden and unexpected leaks.
  • Water damage mitigation. When you repair potential entry points on the roof before leaks occur, you can avoid paying a water damage restoration service to clean up the interior.
  • Heating and cooling costs. Preventing water intrusions through the roof ensures that the insulation stays dry and retains its R-value, which helps keep the building’s energy consumption and costs under control.
  • Lost income. Fixing small problems as they crop up can avert catastrophic leaks during heavy rains. Heavy rains can destroy costly equipment or inventory, cause a temporary business closure, interruption in productivity, or even force your tenants to relocate.
  • Structural and interior damage. Identifying and repairing roofing deficiencies early on lets you avoid the devastating effects of slow leaks that can decay framing, ruin drywall, ceiling tiles, flooring and furnishings, or harm electrical and HVAC system components.
  • Mold remediation. Keeping moisture from entering the roof system and building structure, with timely repairs, can prevent hazardous mold growth that requires costly remediation.
  • Property insurance. If your insurer notes that the roof is well-maintained during a routine property inspection, they may put the building into a lower risk category that reduces your yearly premiums.

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