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Having the proper ventilation is a vital aspect for a home and its roofing system. By installing  a ridge vent in your roofing system you are creating a free way to assist in the process of venting hot air from the attic space.

Choosing this method of ventilation for your roofing in Johns Creek you are creating a passive method of ventilation with out the need of fans or any mechanical devices.

Because of the passive process of the ridge vent they do not require maintenance and most times will last longer then the shingles on the roof.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

ridge vents-Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of attic.

-Promotes a cooler, drier attic.

-Helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in insulation, structural wood, shingles and roof deck.

-Helps prevent rotting, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint and warped siding.

-Provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption.


Pro Roofing and Siding offers reliable ridge vent installations providing the customers with a high quality ventilation system to maximize the protection of your roofing system.


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