Gutters play an important role in protecting your Sandy Springs home from exterior damage caused by water, snow, and ice. They are necessary for proper water drainage to prevent structural damage to your roof shingles, roof boards, attic, fascia, and siding. If they or the downspouts become damaged, clogged with debris, or are installed incorrectly, your home can suffer major damage that can result in costly repairs.

Inspecting Your Gutters

DSC02636If you think that your home’s gutters and downspouts may need repair or replacement, look for visible signs of damage like:

  • Cracking or Peeling
  • Dents, Holes, or Cuts
  • Sagging or Misalignment
  • Breaks in Seams, Joints, and Mitered Corners
  • Improper Attachment to the Roof or Downspouts
  • Improper Sloping Toward the Downspouts


Your gutter system also needs to be kept clean and free from debris like dirt and mud, twigs and branches, rocks, and leaves . Clogged gutters will not drain properly, resulting in standing water that can cause costly repairs from structural damage to your Sandy Springs home.

Replacing Your Gutter System

When replacing your home’s gutter system, consider two important features that can prevent future leaks and damages and keep your new gutter system completely free of all debris.

  • Seamless Gutters Our seamless system will provide a strong, long-lasting gutter that’s affordable and easy to maintain. Without seams, there are no breaks or joints that can leak, sag, or become loose. Our seamless gutter systems are attached with hidden hangers and screws that won’t come loose or put holes in the gutter system, like nails. Available in a variety of materials, such as copper, aluminum and galvanized steel, they also come in 14 different colors to enhance the beauty of your Sandy Springs home. All baked-on finishes are guaranteed to last for 20 years with no repainting or touch-ups required.
  • Gutter Protection Covers – With our gutter protection covers, you will never have to clean out your gutter system again. Other products, such as gutter grates, only protect your gutter system from larger objects and debris like tree branches, limbs and pine cones. Our gutter protection covers stop even the smallest objects from entering the system and keep them draining properly for years to come.


When you need to install new gutters on your home, choose seamless construction and gutter protection covers that will guarantee a clean, maintenance-free gutter system.

Pro Roofing and Siding can do a free inspection of your home’s gutter system to determine if it is draining properly or if you need replacement. Contact Pro Roofing and Siding for your free inspection and consultation today.

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