Gutter_RepairThe quality of your siding and gutters will have a big impact on the beauty of your Marietta home, but these elements are also important to the structure of the house. If you have a feeling that your siding or gutters need repair or replacement, talk to an experienced exterior contractor like Pro Roofing & Siding to help decide your best route.

Ask your exterior contractor the right questions about siding and gutters so you can decide on what’s best for your home.


Weather and age will eventually lead to damaged siding. We see homes in Marietta with warped and bubbled panels, cracks and breakage, dry rot, and mold. When deciding between repairs or replacement, ask your exterior contractor these key questions:

  • Do I Need Repairs, or All New Siding? If moisture has gotten in and fostered mold, fungus, or mildew throughout the siding, or if dry rot is persistent throughout, you most likely need new siding. But what about spotty damage here and there and cosmetic problems? Ask about the costs of repair and replace options.
  • How Long Can I Expect My Siding to Last? Good siding should last about a decade and potentially longer, but there are many factors like the Marietta climate and the direction of sunlight hitting the siding that affect its life.
  • Can I Lower My Energy Bills With Better Siding? Damaged or poorly installed siding can increase energy bills by letting air conditioned air seep out. Ask about options for wind-proofing and energy performance.



Don’t let your gutters be an afterthought. They protect the integrity of your home by keeping water away from it. Ask your exterior contractor about any issues with your gutters:

  • How Can I Tell If My Gutters Need Repair or Replacement? Cracking, peeling gutters may look like small problems, but can become a major issue quickly. If the gutters are sagging or distorted, the system may be insufficient for your home and Marietta weather.
  • What Do I Need to Do to Maintain Gutters? We can explain right methods and frequency of clearing out your gutters, depending on the trees you have around the house and other factors.
  • Does My Home Really Need Gutters All the Way Around? The vast majority of homes need a gutter system with full coverage. However, the shape and slope of your roof and the amount of overhang can make gutters unnecessary on some portions of the roof.


If you have these and other questions about siding, gutters or anything else regarding your house, Pro Roofing and Siding is the company to call. In addition to siding and gutters, we also specialize in roofing, painting, windows and insulation. We are a full service company you can depend on.

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