10 Steps Pro Roofing & Siding Took to Replace Rotted Cedar Siding

When rotted wood is not taken care of, the rot can travel to the next layer of the home. When rot is caught early enough and replaced you can keep your repair costs down. On this home, the rotted siding traveled to the frame and beams of the house, the insulation, the drywall, the trim of the front door and window and the front deck.

The exterior of homes has to withstand the elements of weather (rain, wind and changing temperatures).

The siding near the bottom of the home, closest to grass and dirt can be the most problematic, as it was on this home in Kennesaw, GA. This is the part of the home that water, air, dirt, and insects can enter a home. Pro Roofing & Siding was called to fix some rotted cedar siding of a home in Kennesaw, GA. These are the steps we took to repair this problem. If you need your cedar siding replaced on your Georgia home, you can follow the same steps, or call Pro Roofing & Siding (770)999-9875 and let us take care of it for you! Our professionals are well versed in cedar siding, and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

  1.  Take Cedar Boards Off of the Home
    First, we loosened the caulking and nails of the first good board above the rotted boards. Using a hammer and a speed/flat bar, we loosened the nails on all of the Cedar boards needing to be replaced. We then removed the rotted siding.
  2.  Remove Damaged Window and Door Trim
    After loosening nails, we took the trim off. Then we made sure that all nails and wood were removed.
  3.  Take Rotted Insulation out of Walls
    Using gloves, the insulation can just be pulled out from between the beams.
  4.  Cut Away Rotted Drywall Inside the Home
    Using a utility knife, we cut away all of the drywall that was under the rotted siding. If left, this can cause mold and insects access to your home.
  5.  Replace Wood Frame and Beams
    After careful measuring and cutting, we installed the new wood to re-frame the home.
  6. Replace Insulation
    We then cut our insulation to size and placed it between the appropriate beams in the wall.
  7. Install New Drywall
    After measuring and cutting the new drywall, we inserted the panel by screwing it into place using drywall screws.
  8. Install New Trim
    After we cut the trim to size with mitered corners, we nailed the trim into place using finishing nails and a finishing nail gun. We then caulked the corners together and to the drywall.
  9. Replace Felt Paper
    We stapled felt paper to the sheathing behind the siding.
  10.  Install new Cedar siding
    By measuring the lengths of the areas we are replacing, we marked the new Cedar boards for cutting to size. Using galvanized nails, we began with the bottom board and followed the same nail pattern as the previous siding. Once nailed into place, we caulked the sides and nail holes, sanded down and painted the siding and trim to match.


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