Mike H called Pro Roofing & Siding for a FREE estimate for a roof repair in Marietta GA. His roof was leaking at the counter flashing and at a window sill and brick mortar. In addition to fixing the leaks on his 8 year old roof, Pro Roofing & Siding offered a Roof Maintenance Package to prolong the life of his roof.

Roof Repair in Marietta GA

The Pro Roofing & Siding Repair Crew caulked and sealed the counter flashing at the rear low slope porch roof and the left side head wall flashing where the head wall shingle allows water to the exposed nail head(s) beneath it. We also caulked and sealed the gaps at the leaking window sills and brick mortar. In order to prevent future leaks, we lifted the shingles directly under the bottom of the downspout and resealed with roofing cement and installed drip edge under the first course of shingles at the upper eave above the porch roof.

Roof Maintenance Package in Marietta GA

Leaks and water seepage typically do not occur until after the roofing system or insulation has worn down or there has been deck damageProactive maintenance would have fixed these issues prior to leaking and reactive maintenance could include fixing the water damage costing much more. Mike’s Maintenance included sealing all of the exposed ridge nails, all penetrations and HVAC Stack collars. We also installed double neoprene plumbing boots to protect the roof penetrations.

Mike received a 1 year Labor Warranty.

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