Did You Know There is Shingle Recycling in Atlanta?

Shingle-Recycling-in-AtlantaOver 10 Million tons of shingles are torn off roofs in America. Rather than filling up our land fills (approximately 5% of waste per year), Pro Roofing & Siding is committed to the environment and participating in a shingle recycling program. We are the second largest recycler in the area. When a new roofing system is installed the old one often comes off. The shingles are driven to a plant in Alabama, sorted by taking out all metal, wood and plastic and the asphalt shingles are ground into about 3/8″ pieces. These pieces are mixed and used for hot asphalt for paving roads.

The average home of shingle recycling in Atlanta creates about 200′ of 2 lane highway. Studies have shown that adding up to 20% of recycled shingles to the pavement’s asphalt has reduced rutting and cracking in our roads.

Pro Roofing & Siding has taken the Shingle Recycling Pledge! 

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