windows and skylights

The generally mild winters and magnificent summers of Alpharetta may cause some homeowners and business owners to overlook a simple, economical way to improve energy efficiency and cut electric bills.

At Pro Roofing & Siding, we help property owners with new roofing, fresh siding, and painting. However, we’d also like to remind you that new windows, and the addition of skylights, can positively transform your home or business.


Need New Windows?

People tend to stop noticing their surroundings after a while. If you wonder why your energy and electric bills are steadily climbing, consider your Alpharatta home’s or business’s existing windows:

  • Does condensation forming on windows during the cold days of winter?
  • Is there clouding between the glass panes of double-glazed windows?
  • Do you have single-pane windows?
  • Is there air or water infiltration around the window frames?
  • Are the sills rotting?
  • Do the sashes close or latch completely?
  • Is there chipped or missing caulk and glazing?

All of these are indicators that your property’s current windows are past their prime. They are robbing you of energy efficiency during summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Your central air conditioning is less efficient in the summer and your furnace must work overtime in the winter to compensate for tired, leaky old windows.

solar-blinds-skylightsSunny Side Up with Skylights!

An excellent way to save money on electricity is with the one-time cost of having skylights professionally installed by Pro Roofing & Siding. The qualified overhead windows that bear the Energy Star label can improve your Alpharetta home or business in five major ways:

  1. Lower electric bills for lighting, since sunlight will fill the room beneath the skylights
  2. Greater energy efficiency with units that meet the federal Energy Star standards
  3. Increased warmth in winter as the radiant energy of the sun shines through
  4. Reduced carbon emissions from lower energy consumption
  5. Improved health and well-being by family members or customers as they bask in the warm, welcoming rays of natural sunlight

Business owners can benefit from the addition of attention-getting skylights installed in multiples (three, five or even seven units), to set off a business lobby. Pro Roofing & Siding can show you galleries of businesses that have tapped the dramatic power of these features.

If you are considering skylights for your Alpharetta home, contact Pro Roofing & SidingWe have experience in installing and weatherproofing skylights so that you gain all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of these beautiful architectural features.