Homeowners in the Dunwoody area are justifiably proud of their homes, and we are proud to help them with their home maintenance and repair needs. We have seen—and completed—some outstanding exterior paint work in and around Atlanta. We have also seen some exterior paint jobs that were—how do we put this?—not what the homeowners wanted. 

Bad Advice

exterior painting oopsiesWith exterior paint jobs, we are outside where neighborly folks stop by to share their opinions and offer “helpful” tips. Among the collection of bad ideas we have heard:

  • Skip the primer!
    Absolutely! Save $23 a gallon and watch the new paint slide right off your house—how exciting is that!?
  • Do it yourself and save!
    An amateur will begin painting on the first day of summer and finish 103 years later. If you are unsure whether you will be able to finish in a timely manner – protect your investment by hiring professional painters.
  • One coat will cut costs in half!
    Painting Colonial White over the existing Firehouse Red gives you the loveliest shade of pink imaginable. That was the goal…right?


Even Worse Advice

Color is completely subjective. You like lime green; I like brick red. Color choice is not the same as a color mistake. Some paint color ideas we have heard are worse than the penny-pinching advice:

  • Red and green work great together!
    If you are repainting Santa’s house, pick these colors. For everyone else, complementary colors announce to the neighborhood that you have opened Dunwoody’s first Klown Kollege.
  • You can never have too many colors
    Unless you live under the Big Top, limit yourself to three colors: a field color (the dominate area), a trim color (wood molding, fascia, and porch pillars), and a highlight color (shutters and the front door).


The Worst Advice. Ever.

The single worst piece of advice we have ever heard: skip prep work. Preparation steps include: cleaning, scraping, patching and priming before painting. The supposed benefits of cutting out those steps are time and a little cash. Absolutely, you will save about half the time of an exterior paint job by skipping the prep work. Then you will repeat the entire job a year later. Whoopee!

The not-so-funny side effects of skipping prep work:

  • Bubbles
  • Peeling paint
  • Bleed-through

Prep work is the bulk of any paint job. Getting your Dunwoody home’s exterior ready for the creamy, rich layers of quality paint will take more time than painting itself. This is because that surface has weathered, the old paint is an uneven surface, and any color change from old to new paint requires complete sealing and priming.

We thought these tips were funny – and terrible at the same time.  Take the time to properly prepare your surface before painting – and stick with the job until you’re done! At least, that’s what our team thinks at Pro Roofing & Siding, serving Dunwoody and the surrounding area.