How Your Wallet Can Be Hit By Hail Damage

The city of Albany and its surrounding areas are no strangers to strong thunderstorms which bring damaging hail. While you would immediately notice hail damage to your car, you might not notice what it has done to your roof.

If you do not notice hail damage or are ignoring it because you fear the cost of hail damage, you could be looking at much more expensive repair costs. Here are some things you should know about how hail damage can really hit your wallet through roof damage.

What Can Hail Do to Your Roof?

Hail can cause dents in your roof’s asphalt shingles and loosen the granules. This could cause water to seep through your shingles and make the underlayment vulnerable to additional damage. It is always a good idea after a bad hailstorm to have your roof inspected for damage, especially if you see asphalt granules accumulating in your gutters or on the ground.

How Much Will It Cost to Repair Your Roof?

The cost of repairing hail damage will vary according to how severe it is. If the damage is severe, you may need to have a total roof replacement. This could cost between $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of your roof.

Homeowners’ insurance will usually cover the cost of hail damage minus your deductible, but with a caveat. You will be responsible for paying for any pre-existing roof damage, such as rotted-out roof decking.

The insurance company will also withhold the depreciation value of your roof from your cash claim as a type of surety. This amount is the difference between the cost of a new roof and what the value of your existing roof is. Most insurers will release the depreciation sum directly to the contractor after the job is complete.

Beware of Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are fly-by-night contractors which flood areas hit by storms. They have no ties to the community, so you do not know what kind of job they will do despite what seems like a bargain price.

It is always best to work with a trusted roofer from roof inspection to completion of storm repairs. Pro Roofing & Siding is known for their reputation of putting their customers’ needs first. When a storm hits, Pro Roofing & Siding is the roofer to contact first.

How To Tell Hail Damage Has Totaled Your Roof