Why NOT to Put off Your Exterior Paint Job

Home maintenance seems never-ending, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the demands it puts on your time and finances. Hiring an exterior painting contractor when it’s necessary is one maintenance task that you shouldn’t put off, though, and here’s why:

Badly Deteriorated Paint = More Prep Work

Simply put, it will be less time consuming and expensive to have your home’s exterior repainted before it deteriorates badly. If you plan to hire a reputable exterior painting contractor who understands the importance of proper surface preparation, you can expect a higher estimate that covers the extra hours of labor it will take do the job right.

Greater Likelihood of Exterior Damage

A high-quality paint job seals and shields the exterior elements of your home against the destructive effects of the weather. If you put off repainting and let the finish deteriorate, you’re risking wood rot, structural decay and water leaks that will destroy your home from the outside in. By letting it go too long, you’ll pay more for an exterior paint job, and have the extra expense of replacing rotten studs, wall sheathing, cladding or other components.

Increased Risk of Insect Infestations

If there’s peeling paint, blisters, cracks and bare areas on the outside of your home where water can seep into the structural members and wall cavities, it creates the ideal conditions for an insect infestation. Repainting to seal the exterior cladding and trim can prevent wood decay and lower the risk that termites or carpenter ants invade and cause costly damage to your home.

Potential Air Quality Problems

If your paint is in poor condition and moisture soaks into your home’s exterior components, it can allow mold to flourish within the structure and this can adversely affect your indoor air quality. This is especially concerning if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues. Plus, solving a mold problem typically requires costly remediation.

Decrease in Property Value

A home that’s in desperate need of exterior painting will have less curb appeal than well-cared for neighboring properties, and this reduces its perceived value. If you’re planning to sell in the near future, that dilapidated appearance can also discourage buyers or reduce the amount they’re willing to offer for your property.
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