At Pro Roofing, we take our loyalty to our customers seriously.

Recently we got a call from a client that wanted us to come inspect their home’s roof after seeing some dark stains on the shingles. 

Upon inspection, we found that this roof was installed with Atlas Architectural Shingles, along with every other house in this neighborhood.  We were surprised to find out that this particular roof had been installed in 2011 and was only a few years old, but the shingles were bleeding asphalt on each other creating tar like stains and run marks in multiple sections, covering a large area of the roof.

Here is a picture from our inspection showing the bleeding shingles. 

Defective Bleeding Shingles

These stains and runs indicated to us that the shingles were defective and would need to be replaced to in order to ensure the longevity, value, and lifetime of the roof for the customer.

Right away, we got to work on all components of a settlement claim in order to get new shingles on this customer’s home as soon as possible.

After some hefty paperwork and negotiation, Atlas Shingles honored the replacement claim and covered the cost of the labor and materials for a roof replacement. Pro Roofing and Siding was able to replace the defective shingles with new Atlas Architectural Shingles quickly and handle all the paperwork for the customer. We were also able to install the new roof with a 25 year labor warranty!

Here is the finished product after we were able to replace the defective roof. 

 At Pro Roofing and Siding, customer satisfaction is our objective. That being said, we are proud to be able to cultivate and maintain trustworthy relationships with our clients. Handling communications and insurance claims like this one helps us take the strain and stress off our customers.

Looking for a company who stands by their workmanship? Contact us at Pro Roofing today for all your home exterior needs!

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